We extract data and structure processes. in:time

At in:time, we specialize in the extraction, analysis, and evaluation of process improvement potential. We examine the available resources to understand the level of work organization and determine how to maximize performance and productivity. By processing data with in:time software, information can be visualized and interpreted quickly and effectively.

- Many organizations lack accurate data on their process execution.

This leads to inaccurate calculations in production planning, manufacturing costs, delivery times, and production capacity. Even with ERP systems, companies often group process times without distinguishing between the different types of times that exist in production. This lack of precision prevents an accurate assessment of improvement potential with the available resources.

If you face any of these difficulties, in:time can help you

  • Delays in production due to slow operation and/or dissatisfaction with the processing time or flow of an operation...
  • Low performance or low productivity during work execution or constant interruptions in the production line..
  • Difficulty in calculating the standard processing time per unit and its manufacturing cost..
  • Inconveniences in balancing the production chain and its accurate planning.
  • Complications in integrating the human aspect within the calculation of effective working times

How can in:time improve your process?

  • Improve understanding of the procedure due to the analysis and standardization of process tasks and preparation activities.
  • Standard processing times per unit that include normal, preparation, lost, recovery, and complementary times.
  • Accurate calculation of direct manufacturing costs per production unit.
  • Implementation plan for the proposed improvements based on the needs and priorities of the process.